Rhodes University RU Online Application 2022/2023

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Rhodes University RU Online Application 2022/2023

Rhodes University RU Online Application 2022/2023

RU Online Application See the Rhodes University RU Online Application for further information on how to apply.

Richadmission.com gives detailed instructions for submitting an online application to Rhodes University.

These steps are intended to assist you in navigating the application process so that it does not become a frightening or burdensome undertaking.

We have provided further material below to assist you with your application process before you apply.

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Application Process

Please take your time reading this section. The processing of your application will be slowed if your application form is incorrect or incomplete. Please be aware that any inaccurate information you supply will result in your application being rejected immediately.

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Page 1:

Population Groups, such as Indians, Colored People, and White People
We ask this because some donors have specified that their bursaries can only be given to people of a certain race. This information is also required by the government for statistics purposes. IF YOU HAVE A PHYSICAL DISABILITY, PLEASE MENTION IT. Blindness, cerebral palsy, deafness, paraplegia, limited hearing, and wheelchair use are all examples of disabilities. This information is required so that we can assist you with your requirements; it will not jeopardize your application. You will not be allowed to claim any concessions in this regard during your registration at Rhodes University if you do not reveal a disability in your application (e.g. extra time).

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Page 2:

Degree/Diploma Options
Under the Curriculum Selection section, you’ll find a list of the degrees available at Rhodes. ATTENDANCE AT A PRIOR TERTIARY INSTITUTE A copy of a full academic transcript with your final results is necessary if you have previously attended or are presently attending another institution. Midyear results may be considered, but the Dean may wait until your final results are available before making a decision. Could you please provide me a copy of your institution’s transcript? This is not a Result Slip.

Page 3:

Information about the address
Please be as specific as possible. If these information is missing, we will be unable to react to your application. PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR FEES DETAILS Please make certain that this data is provided. There should be no mention of a bursary or a government sponsor. This should be the person in charge of making sure your fees are paid. They’ll also communicate with your bursary or government department to make sure your fees are covered.

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Page 4:

Results of the Examination
If you have previously matriculated or completed your O levels / A levels, a certified copy of your certificate is required. ONLY COMPLETE THE SECTIONS THAT ARE RELATIVE TO YOUR SCHOOLING (only if you are currently at school). Please do not use Tippex or modify your results in any manner. Ensure that your school’s principal completes this part. Remember that even if you do not meet the minimum requirements for admission, a good evaluation from your principal will help the university assess your potential. This section does not need to be filled if you have graduated from high school.

Page 5:

Current year’s activities
Choose between being a grade 12 student at school (i.e. improving your grades), a university student, a technikon student, a technical college student, a technical institute student, a teacher training college, or a labor force member (i.e. working). A letter explaining your activities might be very helpful if you have been working or traveling.

Pages 6,7 & 8:

Complete Section Two of the form to the best of your ability, providing as much information as feasible. When evaluating your application, the Deans will read this part. If you don’t have the required number of points for admittance, this is especially critical. DECLARATION AND AGREEMENT (PAGE 8) Please double-check that you have completed this part of the form? If you do not complete this step, the form will be returned to you.

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Remember to include the appropriate application fee.

• If you want to apply for exemptions based on courses taken at a university outside of South Africa, you must include the syllabi and course content, which must be certified by that university, with your application. It is your responsibility to submit a sworn translation of the syllabi if they are not in English.

  • You can apply for credit for courses you’ve taken at another South African university when filling out your application form. (Please enclose a letter detailing the credits you’d want to be considered for.) Credits will be issued only after receiving an authentic transcript of the other university’s results.

Application deadlines and fees

Before the end of September, all applications must be submitted.

R100 is the application fee.

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